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Fireplace Gas Log Installations are on the Rise in Popularity – Here’s Why

fireplace gas log installation

There’s nothing quite as relaxing as reading a good book by the warm fireplace on a chilly evening. Many homes have fireplaces and chimneys built into their design, but what about the rest of us? Plenty of homes don’t include fireplaces, and once the home is already built, having a chimney added on can be extremely difficult, not to mention expensive and time consuming.

So are you destined to suffer through the winter with no roaring fire for comfort? Or venture out into the backyard and build a campfire from scratch? The answer, mercifully, is no.

Gas log systems are a great alternative to bulldozing a wall and putting in a chimney. They work by venting the heat through piping in the walls. As opposed to wood burning fires, gas log installations have impressive safety and maintenance benefits.

Vented or Vent-Free?

This is the biggest decision in the fireplace gas log installation process. Basically, the difference boils down to heating efficiency and style. A vent-free log burns with the flue closed and essentially operates more like an electric heater. They don’t achieve that quintessential roaring fire aesthetic because they can’t vent the output of an open flame.

A vented gas log fireplace, meanwhile, achieves a more realistic-looking flame and looks almost the same as an authentic wood-burning fire. The gas log system might seem like advanced technology, but they are actually pretty easy to install. Recruiting the help of some Fogel Services technicians makes the process easy as pie.

Better yet, you don’t have to keep piles of dried wood lying around the house. A gas log installation doesn’t require the same level of maintenance as a wood-burning fireplace, but it still comes with all the aesthetic advantages. They also produce more heat than a wood-burning fire and pose fewer fire risks.

Whether you’re interested in the gas log fireplace as a heat source this winter or a cozy addition to your living space, Fogel Services technicians can help you make the best decision for your home.

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