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controls and thermostats

Don’t let your thermostat be smarter than you are. With all the capabilities and options that current models have, its important to get a unit that best suits you. Thermostats are vital to getting the most out of your HVAC system; no longer are they just a knob and dial.

Certain models of thermostats can be programmed with your schedule, so that you can arrive home to a cool home without paying to cool it all day. No more waiting for it to cool off so you can relax. Time, money, and HVAC wear and tear is saved. More advanced models actually remember how they are programmed and use that schedule in the days to come.

Thermostats complement energy efficient equipment, making your home the coolest while saving you money. Savings occur as soon as you start making temperature control work for you. Just think of how much you could save by taking your thermostat and temperature control to the next level, and if you need a professional opinion – just ask.

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